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Community Health Advisory Group

Your Community voice in our Health Service

Community Health Advisory Groups are established in Victoria to increase consumer, carer and community participation in public health services. The Community Health Advisory Group has two critical roles:

  • To provide direction and leadership in relation to the integration of consumer, carer and community views into all levels of health service operations, planning and policy development

  • To advocate to the board on behalf of the community, consumers and carers.

The Board of Corryong Health recognises our CHAG members are the experts in understanding the consumer perspective:

  • To provide two way communication between the health service and the wider community

  • To have CHAG members who are a true reflection of our wider community.


The Community Health Advisory Group has a responsibility to:

  • Advise the board on consumer, carer and community views so they are recognised and reflected in service delivery, planning and policy development

  • Identify and advise the public health service board on priority areas and issues requiring consumer and community participation

  • Participate in Corryong Health strategic planning process

  • Develop a strategic community participation plan for approval by Corryong Health board, and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the approved plan advocate on behalf of the community, including promotion of greater attention and sensitivity to the needs of disadvantaged, isolated and marginalized consumers and communities

  • Facilitate two-way communication between consumer, carer and community groups and Corryong Health

  • Participate in the monitoring of key performance indicators for Corryong Health quality

  • Participate in the development of Corryong Health quality report

  • Assist in the identification of development and training needs in relation to consumer, carer and community participation in the health service, and make recommendations to the board on how to meet these needs.

For more information please contact the Executive Assistants on (02) 60763252

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